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cruz construction company

With over 15 years of industry experience, Cruz Construction offers general contracting services for Chicagoland and its surrounding suburbs. From residential to commercial, major projects to modest, our family-run, minority and female co-owned business will transform blueprints into builds.


Because with Cruz Construction,the sky’s literally the limit.


Logo Design + Dual Language Website Design created by EKD.

Copy collaboration cred to my one & only wordywendy

cruz construction company photo of employees in front of a house

concept gallery

cruz construction company

This logo is modern with a twist of tradition. The curved clean font of the cruz opposes the ‘Cruz Construction Company’ in a serif and more traditional font - which helps tell the story that cruz stems from something more. The additon of the bull horns depict

latina/mexican heritage of the founders, as well as creates a double-play with the U (forming the bull, or forming a smile). This is a company that is small but mighty. Their priority is to make sure their client and all that work for them - are happy. This logo is unique and would work great as signage or on apparel.

cruz construction company logo. Blue lettering with brown bull horn

chosen logo

brand application

cruz construction company hats with the logo on them
cruz construction company website
cruz construction company website
cruz construction company website
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