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Project Pause Yoga


Logo & website design for Project Pause 🧘🏻‍♀️This holistic practice of mindfulness, movement, and meditation was pure joy to create. These women are true and passionate to their practice - and it shines right through their brand. 🙏🏼 

What began as a yoga class for kids at Chicago Public Schools has evolved into a passion for teaching acceptance, calm, and mindfulness to all ages, children and grownups alike. Project Pause is a holistic practice of mindfulness, movement and meditation. Our sessions include yoga poses, breathing techniques, art therapy and physical activity in a fun, safe environment - and the benefits, ranging from tangible to emotional, are profound. 


Logo Design + Website Design created by EKD.

Copy collaboration cred to my one & only wordywendy

Project Pause Yoga logo

concept gallery

project pause yoga

This is a balanced, unique, and flexible logo. It can easily separate and the PROJECT PAUSE can be used on somethings, the hand by itself, and so on. The colors reflect an urban vibe, playful yet structured, creative and spirited. The single use of color for the PAUSE represents stillness (a PAUSE in the day). The hand symbolizes an important mantra used - "I can do this." The stacking of the words represent balance and structure.

Project Pause Yoga logo

chosen logo

brand application

Project Pause Yoga website

what project pause has to say

Betsy was instrumental in helping us take our story and beautifully communicate it online for us. Her passion coupled with her creativity and ability to help us focus on one thing at a time, allowed for an incredible working relationship and an elevated website.

Courtney Burk & Carrie Baron

Project Pause Yoga   

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