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the little dumpling

Little Dumpling was born from the idea that Tibetan founder Tashi Depa has known for years: Everyone loves Dumplings - especially kids!! Tashi, who has been creating these tasty bites since she was a young girl growing up in Nepal, discovered the insight when she was working as a nanny for many (picky) young eaters. Tashi’s devotion to caring for and developing young children has taken her on a lifelong journey of instilling love, trust and kindness across every family she’s encountered. She teamed up with CPG native and mom of three, Kelly Goering and Little Dumpling was born. Kelly is an inspirational leader who is devoted to empowering and advancing young leaders to achieve their fullest potential. 


Little Dumplings come in multiple varieties (beef, chicken and vegetarian) and are easy to steam for a quick, nutritious and repeatedly requested meal. Sold in packs of 15 or 30, they also make an impressive appetizer for any gathering. 


Logo Design created by EKD.

Image by jessica lock

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the little dumpling

This logo is bright, happy, and perfect for attracting the attention of families. Since Tashi's priority is caring for young children - we wanted the logo to be almost childlike and playful.  We want her brand to instill trust and happiness - and also resonate with her culture in style and font. 

The little dumpling logo. Smiling logo with red chopsticks

chosen logo

what little dumpling has to say

Where Talent, Passion and Genius come together! Betsy it such an incredibly insightful designer who takes the time to really key in on the elements her clients are looking to achieve…and always delivers!! I’m continuously blown away by how talented and versatile she is!

Kelly Goering & Tashi Depa 

Little Dumplings  

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