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Riche Black PR


Riche Black is a Public Relations firm that offers communications counsel and establishes strategic partnership with its clients. We assist our customers in becoming the topic of conversation, protecting their reputation, and enhancing their prestige. We work to amplify your voice, provide strategic resources, and utilize elegant communication to boldly communicate your brand. 


Nothing better than a repeat client! Logo Design + application by EKD.

Gabrielle Torina, Riche Black PR

concept gallery

Riche Black PR

Classic, cool, edgy, elegant, powerful.... so many words to describe what is going on in this logo. Note

how the R and the B form together to create one simple and elegant shape. This mark can be shown on many branding pieces in an interesting and bold way. The font running up the side of the symbol is edgy and strong and really shows RB’s strength is in how they work together with their clients and bring out what is amazing in their stories.

Riche Black PR final logo design from Elizabeth Kole Designs

chosen logo

brand application

Riche Black Logo From Elizabeth Kole Designs
Gabrielle Torina, founder of Riche Black PR
Riche Black PR repeated logo pattern
Riche Black symbol popped out in white and gold, teal and gold, and black and gold
Riche Black PR print
Riche Black PR logo over grey stone

what riche black has to say

Ok I’m currently dead, messaging you from my grave. I’m going to take a few days and process these because there’s some real fire here and I need to sit and pray and think about it.


Just wanted to let you know you’ve done it again!


Happy customer.



Gabrielle Torina, MSC

5th ward alderman | Riche Black PR  

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