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“Elizabeth created an outstanding unique website for me. Creativity was a the prime reason I chose her. She not only met my greatest expectations but she was also a pleasure to work with. Her sensitivity to what I felt was needed to express my art work and her ability to listen and discuss ideas was a revelation to someone who has headed up a design firm for 40 years. She met every deadline and worked within the approved budget.

When she was finished with the design work she continued, making  sure that the work was executed perfectly by a computer technical firm”.  Herbert Murrie

Professional artist's portfolio

Northwestern University

"Betsy is an exceptionally gifted designer and an even better teacher; I strongly recommend her without hesitation. Her communication skills are what sets her apart from others. She listens intently and helps her clients (in our case, Northwestern graduate students, alumni, and even me personally) understand the design process, get to the heart of their values and visual design needs, and then coaches them through the design process in a way that demystifies the technical components and gives them the language (and even skills) to be a true part of the process. It is one thing to have talent, it is certainly a different skill to be able to teach it to others. Betsy has created a course at Northwestern called "Creative Branding and Design" (a design course for non-designers) that is incredibly popular year after year. I am so very fortunate to work with such an amazing person and designer."

Amy J. Hauenstein, PhD. Higher Ed Administrator

Denise Hamburger

"I loved working with Betsy!  Her design is creative, hip and very personal.  I felt she got the message I was trying to send out to the world and was able to translate what I was saying into images and pages for my website and presentations.  Sometimes she did a better job that I did at knowing what I was trying to convey!  She has an incredible design sense and her work is fabulous.

I loved how accessible and easy to work with she is.  She went the extra mile with everything we did and took responsibility for the entire creative end of my project.  I couldn’t have created my blog without her help and encouragement. She is professional, kind, and courteous in addition to being creative. I wholeheartedly recommend Betsy.”

Heavenly Debbie Greeting Cards

Betsy is an amazing creative designer. She has a keen eye for the just the right text and graphics to make your project unique and stand out. She is professional, fun and easy to work with. I couldn't be happier.

GLWINE DDS, Division Dental Practitioners

Working with Betsy from Elizabeth Kole Designs to create a new website for our group was a terrific experience. She took considerable time to understand the message we wanted to project. Betsy was great at bringing up new ideas from the various categories we used to the hours she spent finding the right photos. She was a great listener and easily worked well with all our doctors and web master. She also always gave us multiple options for the type of print to use, and she created several possible logos for us to choose from. She then finalized the final product with stationery that she also designed. We have had many complements on the appearance of our site from patients. She is a talented designer and a delight to work with. I strongly would recommend her for your project.  


Debra Gaetano

I can not speaking highly enough of Betsy Kole and Elizabeth Kole Designs. Betsy’s creativity and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Whenever I needed a project, Betsy and I spoke and miraculously the final product was better than I had envisioned. I was impressed by her commitment to deadlines. She always provided me with a draft well before my needed deadline to ensure that the project was completed on time. I have worked with many agencies in the past and most are a variation of the same concept. Betsy’s original designs truly set her apart from the crowd. I look forward to the opportunity to see her next design for our school.

Glencoe Junior Kindergarten

MundyQ plush toys

I was so pleased to work with Elizabeth Kole Designs. She did an amazing job designing marketing materials for our plush toy company. Elizabeth came to the project with wonderful enthusiasm and her creativity worked well with our product. Her work is outstanding, timely and professional.

Chicago, IL

Kathi W - wedding consultant

 I started my business more then 30 years ago. I work with companies throughout the US and now abroad. Working with Elizabeth isn't really work. I love tossing ideas around with Elizabeth and trust her to create products that WOW my customers, which is exactly what she does. My customers are thrilled which is fabulous. Elizabeth designed the Save the Date cards for my daughter's up coming wedding. Of course, everyone expected something dynamic since this is my profession. Elizabeth did not disappoint anyone...we were delighted and many customers asked to use that design for their Save the Dates!

Marlborough, MA

Star Lanigan & Associates, LLC

I was introduced to Betsy's designs several years ago. She has a great eye and produces an original look.

Chicago, IL

Ana Miyares Photography, LLC

Aside from her talent, she's reliable, professional and fabulously fun !!!

Chicago, IL

Deni Shapiro Interior Designs/Realtor

Elizabeth has excellent designs and perfect follow through!

Boca Raton, FL

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