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Northwestern University


✈️ Branding a crisis simulation at Northwestern University might be the most fun design job EVER. Simulated airline including airplane illustrations, logo, website design, branding manual, print pieces, & commercials! Not possible without my team at 🙌🏻 Visit to schedule a virtual simulation for your company.

A bit more...


In 2018, we created a realistic crisis simulation as a day-long workshop for students and corporate professionals.  This has since been refined and repeated about a dozen times. Our audience for the first three simulation runs have been masters in communication students, the Northwestern Global Marketing and Communications Department, the NU Department of Media Relations, and a group from Lettuce Entertain You.

We developed a series of deliverables that simulated a narrative about a data breach for a fictitious airline, Zephyr Air.

In order to truly make students forget that this was fake, we needed to create a completely immersive experience. We started by designing the brand and identity of Zephyr Air, including:

  • Logo design by EKD

  • Branding & Game manual designed by EKD

  • Website designed by EKD

  • A commercial for the airline

We wanted to give our participants clear guidelines and goals for their time in our simulation. We made a 48-page crisis manual that covered terms and terminology, best practices for crisis escalation, worksheets for responses and records, and a whole host of useful curriculum and assessment information.

All of the crisis manual forms and documents that were to be filled out were also converted google forms. This was so that we could track every the participants actions and responses to the crisis down to the minute for future assessment.

Airplane Rendering for Zephyr Airlines, Northwestern University Crisis Simulation
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