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NorthShore Exchange



3 stores re-branded inside and out. North Shore Exchange wanted new messaging, signage, and print media to enhance awareness that 💯 of their proceeds go to charity. Powerful messaging for a company that puts their money where their heart is 🙌🏻

NSE is a non-profit, luxury consignment store that gives 100% of its profits to Chicagoland charities. As NSE expanded to three stores (from one modest boutique), the company wanted to create branding & in-store signage that offered a cohesive feel and clearly communicated the company’s mission: luxury consignment that gives back to the community.  The campaign was created by our copywriter: Make a purchase. Make a difference. Using a combination of photos from organizations NSE had previously donated to, as well as actual examples of NSE’s social impact, we created in-store signage, window design and marketing materials. The end result was a powerful, sophisticated campaign that balanced the fine line of exhibiting NSE’s high-end products, with the high-impact potential each purchase can make.


Art direction & Collaboration ✅ Design ✅ Installation ✅ by EKD. Copy collaboration cred to my one & only wordywendy

Chanel Purse on North Shore Exchange advertisement
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