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Learning Designs, LLC

Equity Through Education

A brand created, expanded, and marketed. It was an honor to design for a company that not only stands for inclusion and social justice - they teach us how to be better. 


Learning Designs is a consulting agency offering customized services to address inclusion and social justice in the fields of teaching, communication and leadership. 


In need of a website to launch its new business, as well as logo design, color palette, tone and messaging, Learning Designs approached us with the challenge. Starting with a palate of earth tones to convey a grounded, honest nature, the Learning Designs website uses photography with an urban feel, and approachable, yet insightful content that conveys a sense of the agency’s passion, mission, services and support. 


The end result? A strong digital presence and marketing materials that properly reflect their purpose in a genuine, approachable and inclusive way.


Logo Design + Print & Digital Design + Social Media + Website Design created by EKD. Copy collaboration cred to my one & only wordywendy

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 3.09.04 PM.png
Learning Designs, LLC logo & custom pattern

learning designs, LLC


This logo was chosen to represent learning designs for its style, versatility, and meaning. My client's style is approachable, smart, unassuming, and unique.  Her style leans toward mid century so it was important for me to encapsulate a bit of that into her brand.  The LD is turned on its side to represent a bookcase, stepping stones, or educational books. This brand was pushed to the limits in an incredible way on a plethora of digital and print materials through the use of color, typography, iconography, and pattern repetition. 

Learning Designs, LLC logo

chosen logo

brand application

Learning Designs, LLC logo
Learning Designs, LLC logo & Equity Through Education booklet
Learning Designs, LLC logo & website
Learning Designs, LLC logo & website
Learning Designs, LLC business card front design
Learning Designs, LLC business card back design

what learning designs has to say

Betsy is an exceptionally gifted designer and an even better teacher; I strongly recommend her without hesitation. Her communication skills are what sets her apart from others. She listens intently and helps her clients (in our case, Northwestern graduate students, alumni, and even me personally) understand the design process, get to the heart of their values and visual design needs, and then coaches them through the design process in a way that demystifies the technical components and gives them the language (and even skills) to be a true part of the process. It is one thing to have talent, it is certainly a different skill to be able to teach it to others. Betsy has created a course at Northwestern called "Creative Branding and Design" (a design course for non-designers) that is incredibly popular year after year. I am so very fortunate to work with such an amazing person and designer.

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