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Latent Power Solutions


Logo design for this Canadian renewable energy company.  🇨🇦⚡️


Latent Power Solutions works closely with industry partners, utilities, communities and government to increase the adoption of microgrid and energy storage technologies across North America.

They share market insights and technical expertise and learn from the experiences of others in the field. By enabling high penetration of renewable generation into our power grids, they can decrease carbon emissions, improve reliability and resiliency, and create a more sustainable future for all.


Logo Design created by EKD.

Renewable Energy, Latent Power Solutions

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Latent Power Solutions

The plug subtly hidden within the letters of the company name convey how the earth’s untapped resources can be discovered when looking from a different perspective. The letters LATENT stacked on top of power solutions portray how they consult, support, and advise their clients into a better and more profitable future. 🌎🌿♻️

Latent Power Solutions Logo

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