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Sustainable living that's actually, well, sustainable. 

Reduce…reuse…recycle…RELAX! Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Life is busy as it is. Greenish discovered small, sustainable changes that made a big impact on her family, home, and of course the planet. Trust her: it’s easy being greenish.


Logo Design + Website Design created by EKD.

Copy collaboration cred to my one & only wordywendy

greenish website by Elizabeth Kole Designs, simple leaf on a white background

concept gallery


The client wanted a sophisticated, clean, and memorable logo that was not overly designed. Her style leans Scandinavian so I wanted to make sure that the typeface was not overpowering.  The g in greenish can stand alone as a symbol or be kept together as part of the whole word. The top of the g is the recycle symbol and the bottom is a chat bubble - signifying that the site is essentially a blog site about sustainability. 

greenish logo by Elizabeth Kole Designs

chosen logo

brand application

greenish website homepage by Elizabeth Kole Designs
Greenish footer by Elizabeth Kole Designs
Greenish Blog header by Elizabeth Kole Designs
Greenish Resources page by Elizabeth Kole Designs

what greenish has to say

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed working with Betsy and how pleased I was with the final product. 

From the start, she was invested in my project as if it was her own. She was relentless about every detail and wouldn’t quit until it was just so. 


Betsy had the uncanny ability to understand what I needed and then use her creative talents to deliver something really special, unique and reflective of me.

Suzanne Strusiner


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