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Gabrielle Torina, State Alderman

Rockford's Sourthside, No Longer Left Behind.

“Change happens when the people who need it, lead it.” Gabrielle Torina ✌🏾

Branding this fresh bilingual campaign for change-maker @gabrielletorina was an honor.

I am an advocate for the underserved. My immersion into various social sectors of this community has allowed me to come face-to-face with the harsh challenges of our citizens not with judgement, but with empathy at a deep level. My goal is to create and empower more leaders in this community. I want to continue using my life to ensure that people whose voices are not often sought have a platform to feel represented, valued, and heard.


Logo Design + Print & Digital Campaign created by EKD.

Photo of Gabrielle Torina

gabrielle torina


This logo is both empowered and empowering.  It  symbolizes inclusivity, heritage, movement towards change, energy, vibrancy, a fresh new perspective, a how Gabrielle is a connecter of people... it is classy, unusual, and fresh! This is an unusual and modern approach to a political campaign that is female forward and bold.  Make way for change!

Gabrielle Torina Logo with yellow background.

chosen logo

brand application

Elizabeth Kole wearing a Gabrielle Torina campaign button
Gabrielle Torina campaign logos, fonts, color palette, stickers, buttons, posters
Gabrielle Torina Photo Black Lives Matter
Gabrielle Torina photo, logo, and shot of website homepage
Gabrielle Torina logo applied to candy bars

what gabrielle has to say

I would work with Betsy or recommend her any day. She asked the right questions in order to produce a brilliant design that suits everything I stand for. Heritage, community connection, and forward movement. Thank you again for such amazing work! 💛💛💛

Gabrielle Torina 

5th Ward Alderman | Riche Black PR  

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