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Creative Branding & Design,
Northwestern University, MSC

I am currently faculty at the Masters School of Communication where I teach a course in Creative Branding & Design. It prepares students so that they may become more web and design savvy in their professional portfolios. The course was built around the deliverables they would need to launch their careers and therefore focused on logos, business cards, brochures, resume templates, website portfolios and document referred to as a 'leave behind', which is a highly designed one-sheet infographic that functions like an elevator pitch.

We teach them about color, typography, layout, and other basic principles of design. We specifically teach them how to use free online software and platforms such as Gravit, Inkscape, Canva, and Wix to pull it all together. 

We coach them on content and form and work closely the School of Communication to keep our workshops relevant to what they are simultaneously learning in their classes. Students receive a certificate upon completion.  Site Design, Course Design by Elizabeth Kole Designs & Faiz Razi. Masters School of Communications course book by EKD.

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