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CareQuorum is an online community for mental health specialists and healthcare professionals in the mental health field. A platform for therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers – and also for internists helping patients suffering from anxiety, and pediatricians managing rising cases of youth mental illness. We’re a support system for physical therapists, special education teachers, hospital administrators, pharmacy technicians and more, everyday striving to offer the best possible mental health care for their patients.

Logo design for CareQuorum - An all-in-one community platform for mental health providers and students.


Logo Design + Art Direction by EKD

CareQuorum flock of birds by Elizabeth Kole Design

concept gallery

Care Quorum

This logo has a unique, modern & sophisticated feel. The 5 birds represent the 5 sections of the quorum, as well as the guidance and trust the doctors will give and get from

eachother. This is an online community platform.

CareQuorum logo by Elizabeth Kole Designs. Flock of dark blue birds flying in formation over 3 light blue curved squares

chosen logo

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