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Bolt Addiction

This is “your” story. Don't forget that.


Sometimes a logo doesn’t just represent where your brand is going, it represents where you have been. @boltaddiction - A badass logo for a badass woman⚡️


Bolt Addiction is the fashion lovechild of fashion-obsessed child, Beth (Lewis) Levy. Growing up, she became a master at mixing high-end fashion with affordable pieces, creating looks that were affordable but made felt and looked high-end. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, she learned that life is too short not to follow your childhood dreams, ambitions, and passions. That's when Bolt Addiction was born, a brand that embodies her mantra, soul, and mission. The name "Bolt Addiction" comes from the industry term "a bolt of fabric" and her addiction to fashion.


Every piece from Bolt Addiction is handpicked and thoroughly thought out, ensuring that her clients stay "Bolt Addicted," on-trend, comfortable, and leaving them with money to spend. 

Beth LevyBolt Addiction 

Logo Design created by EKD. Copy collaboration cred to my one & only wordywendy

Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 8.40.31 PM.png

concept gallery

Bolt Addiction


This logo is clean, modern & bold with an edgy feel. The open letters give the mark almost a stamp vibe.  Bolt is about the fashion and this mark is style on fire. Of course we had to add in a little spark subtly into the A. 

Bolt Addiction Final Logo in gold lettering BA with a small bolt placed in the A

chosen logo

Beth Levy, owner of Bolt Addiction
Bolt Addiction Final Logo in gold lettering BA with a small bolt placed in the A
Bolt Addiction social media ad with Kim Kardashian

brand application

Bolt Addiction website and palette production by Elizabeth Kole Designs
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