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Association of Administrative
Law Judges


The Association of Administrative Law Judges is both a labor union and a professional organization that represents more than 1,000 federal administrative law judges engaged in adjudication at the Social Security Administration.


Logo Design + Print Design + Website Design Direction created by EKD.

Copy collaboration cred to my one & only wordywendy, Interior page design by Danico Digital.

AALJ Banner with tagline Educate, Advocate, Empower over a photo of a gavel and the american flag

concept gallery



Through the balance of multiple fonts, along with the letters AALJ supporting the lady of justice - this logo pushes through the concept of ‘a collective voice.’ This is a strong mark that can easily be shown on various formats. The balancing lady of justice further symbolizes that AALJ provides a place at the table for all members. This logo is professional, inclusive, and has gravitas. This mark also highlights the blindfold - the unbiased fairness that AALJ provides.

AALJ logo by Elizabeth Kole Designs

chosen logo

brand application

AALJ designed pin by Elizabeth Kole Designs
AALJ Banner design by Elizabeth Kole Designs
AALJ website design by Elizabeth Kole Designs
AALJ Website homepage by Elizabeth Kole Designs
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